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In late 2021 I decided I needed to increase my repertoire and knowledge of traditional folk song. Faced with the myriad versions of each of the thousands of entries in the Roud Song Index, it was difficult to know where to start. So I started at the beginning. As I was selecting and modifying arrangements and working out how to play them in as simple and direct a way as possible, I realised it might be useful resource for anyone else getting started in traditional song, or who maybe just wanted something rooted in the tradition that was easy to sing, play and understand. So this is it. In the booklet, each song has a brief description and history of the story and the music, and other hopefully helpful notes and suggestions, all written in a contemporary, easy-to-read style.


Sing Yonder 1: Front Sing Yonder 1: Back Sing Yonder, Volume 1
Sing Yonder 2: Front Sing Yonder 2: Back Sing Yonder, Volume 2
Sing Yonder 3: Front Sing Yonder 3: Back
Sing Yonder 4: Front Sing Yonder 4: Back
Sing Yonder 5: Front Sing Yonder 5: Back

"a valuable project... a great way to guide the uninitiated through the vast and often dimly-lit caverns of traditional song"
"interesting, informative, and written with wit and humour; both the text and the arrangements meet the project's aims of being accessible for beginners and newcomers to folk song"
Folk London
"a lovely project... want to break into traditional singing but don't know where to start? Check this accessible little guide."
Old Tunes Fresh Takes Podcast
"marvellous... a key to the folkie locker and a simple first step to singing and playing trad songs...I hope it's picked up by everyone with access to a voice box and/or guitar etc."
Phil Widdows, FolkCast
"a beautiful thing"
Jon Boden
"a stunning piece of work... making folk songs accessible with lyrics, chords, well-written background info for each song, and recordings to listen to as well"
George Sansome
"a super idea, beautifully simple and straightforward, excellent for beginners, particularly people who pick up songs by ear"
Jim Causley
"a great resource... for all traditional singers"
The Folk Forecast
"a rather lovely item... a beginner's guide to traditional song complete with words, chord charts, song backgrounds and downloadable audio guides that are all easy to follow"
Martin Purdy, Harp and a Monkey
"beautiful... even if you know every song in Roud's index, these books are worth having for Karl's incisive commentary on the songs and sources."
Piers Cawley

Donations welcome to help cover costs and keep the project going.

Contact: Karl Sinfield, sindesign.co.uk.
You can also find me in a variety of online places, or maybe in the pub with The Gally Canters.


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