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"Folk Song in England" - Steve Roud
"The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs" - R. Vaughan Williams & A.L. Lloyd (ed)
"Eighty English Folk Songs" - Cecil J. Sharp & Maud Karpeles
"Two Bold Fishermen and the English Folk Revival" - Bruce Lindsay
"Bert: The Life and Times of A L Lloyd" - Dave Arthur
"A Song for Every Season" - Bob Copper
"All in the Downs" - Shirley Collins
"Desire, Drink and Death in English Folk and Vernacular Song" - Vic Gammon
"The New Penguin Book of English Folk Songs" - Steve Roud & Julia Bishop (ed
"Folk Revival" - Fred Woods
"A Book of British Ballads" - Roy Palmer (ed)
"Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales" - William Cole (ed)
"Popular Music of the Olden Time", William Chappell
"The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads", Bertrand Harris Bronson
"The Fellowship of Song", Ginette Dunn
"Travellers Songs from England and Scotland", Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger
"British Ballads from Maine", Barry Phillips
"The Ballad of Tradition", Gordon Hall Gerould
"The British, Roman, & Saxon antiquities & folklore of Worcestershire", Jabaz Allies
"In Gipsy Tents", Frances Hindes Groome
"Traditional Tunes", Frank Kidson
"Folklore in the English and Scottish Ballads", Lowry Charles Wimberly
"Dictionary of Faiths and Folklore", W.C. Hazlitt
"Traditional Ballads of Virginia", Arthur Kyle Davis
"The Ballad Matrix: Personality, Milieu and the Oral Tradition", William Bernard McCarthy
"Songs from David Herd's Manuscripts", David Herd and Hans Hecht
"A North Countrie Garland", James Maidment
"The Book of British Ballads", S C Hall
"The Popular Ballad", Francis B Gummere
"The Tea Table Miscellany: or, a collection of Scots sangs", Allan Ramsay
"English and Scottish Ballads", Helen Sargent and George Kittredge (Ed)
"Popular Ballads of the Olden Time", Frank Sidgwick
"The Penguin Book of Ballads", Geoffrey Grigson
"Metamorphoses", Ovid

Mainly Norfolk - www.mainlynorfolk.info
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library - vwml.org
Tradfolk - Tradfolk.co
The Folk Forecast - thefolkforecast.substack.com
Broadside Ballads Online - ballads.bodleian.ox.ac.uk
Journal of the Folk Song Society - jstor.org
Musical Tradition - www.mustrad.org.uk
Bandcamp - bandcamp.com
Child Ballad Database - childballadrecordings.com
The Yorkshire Garland Group - yorkshirefolksong.net
Better Know A Child Ballad - betterknowachildballad.wordpress.com
http://woods.tauny.org/ - W is for the Woods, Traditional Adirondack Music
https://dsl.ac.uk/ - Dictionaries of the Scots Language
tam-lin.org - thorough examination of the poetry and folklore of Tam Lin
contemplator.com - useful summaries of ballad research
soundpost.org.uk - Sheffield-based fulcrum of folkie encouragement
hms.scot - The Historical Music of Scotland
The Tradfolk.co Discord server: https://discord.gg/th8SqzDM3w

Audio, Podcasts, etc:
Fire Draw Near podcast
The Old Songs Podcast
Old Tunes Fresh Takes podcast
Jon Boden, A Folk Song a Day
Every Folk Song podcast
Thank Goodness it's Folk online radio show
The Mike Harding Folk Show podcast
Ian Anderson's Podwireless podcast
Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches - www.tobarandualchais.co.uk
Reynard The Fox (source recordings) - on youtube.com
Thank Goodness it's Folk
EFDSS magazine and podcasts
Handed Down podcast
Folk London magazine
sounds.bl.uk - British Library sound archives
The Invisible Folk Club podcast
Folk Radio UK

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