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simple contemporary settings for communal singing
(a subset of the Sing Yonder books; songs with choruses, repeats and refrains for easy group participation)
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sing yonder together #1:
Song book:

28 page booklet with song notes, lyrics and chord accompaniments.

Sing Yonder Together #1
Sing Yonder Together, Vol. 1 Songbook PDF - FREE DOWNLOAD

Download mp3 samples and and Sing Yonder Together #1 songbook PDF INCLUDING MUSIC NOTATION and Sibelius (.sib) and midi files (Bandcamp)
NOTE: This is free for my paid Substack subscribers.
Audio samples:

Note: These are low quality demos intended simply as a guide to playing the songs. In most cases, just 2-3 verses are recorded, you're on your own from there.

Donations welcome to help cover costs and keep the project going.

Contact: Karl Sinfield, sindesign.co.uk.
You can also find me in a variety of online places, or maybe in the pub with The Gally Canters.

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